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Alain Torres

Meet Alain Torres

Alain Torres empowers world-renowned leaders and innovators to properly use their minds, to think beyond the box, and to finally experience what they have always envisioned - within their work, their relationships, and in the world.  

Known by many as the Genesis Doctor and the Michelangelo of Human Potential, Alain’s journey started as a child exploring ancient pyramids around the world. His laser focused inner exploration over the past 9 years, including 10,000+ hours of meditation and 1,000s of shamanic ceremonies, has led Alain to harness the intelligence of life itself.

With his one of a kind expertise, he fast-tracks mastery of the mind. For those who are ready to level up, Alain’s process guarantees to free them up to consistently think beyond the box. Notably, he prevented a client’s billion dollar company from spiraling out of control, and has helped another jet-setter to level up after his exit, to fulfill his grandest vision yet. His process works for anyone, it’s easy, beyond practical, and is disrupting the world of coaching.

Alain’s work has had a transformative effect across all industries. His mission is to free up 1M+ people to consistently think beyond the box, and create the world they have always envisioned.

Join his movement and let the results speak for themselves.

Work with Alain

Alain offers a vast array of programs to free you up and consistently think beyond your box.

30 Day Course 
with CF meditation

Alain distills down everything he has ever learned (from 10k hours of meditation, to shamanic ceremonies, NLP, business development, tribe building into 30 days. These are the fundamentals that will have you living the life you always envisioned for yourself.


Hack/tap your intuition workshop.
Invitation only, offered only twice a year.
Lasting transformation. Activating your gifts.
Harness the energy you’ve got from your awakening

Spiritual Retreat

This is deep work. This is an intensive.
Experience in 3 days the full spectrum of yourself. You will never go back to the way you were. Every aspect of your life is going to profoundly change.  This is the quarterly tune up.

Understand how your mind works

Stay a step ahead of the pack

Free Consultation with Alain

The health of your mind has nothing to do with how good looking, how much money, or how famous you are… It has everything to do with being unconditional and allowing yourself the space to be your own person so your discover the truth within the depth of your soul. It's about dedicating yourself to heal your triggers, the buttons that are constantly being poked, pushed, and punched so you can just BE you. And lastly, it's about doing good in the world, living your truth, and manifesting into reality your heart’s deepest desires. It's time to move towards a solid future where you trust your decisions from a deep sense of knowing.